Why is 走 the Most Popular Form of Exercise?


When it comes to simple ways to be healthy, walking is all the rage. Follow these tips getting started 和 learn more about fitness walking with the AHA.

You can get active in lots of ways, but walking is one of the easiest! For most people, it’s safe, easy to stick with, 和 low- or no-cost. It doesn’t require any special skills or equipment. For such a simple activity, it has so many benefits.

Research has shown that walking at a lively pace at least 150 minutes a week can help you:

  • 想得更好,感觉更好,睡得更好.
  • Reduce your risk of serious diseases like heart disease, 中风, 糖尿病和几种癌症.
  • Improve your blood pressure, blood sugar 和 blood 胆固醇 水平.
  • 增加你的能量 和耐力.
  • Improve your mental 和 emotional well-being 和 降低患抑郁症的风险.
  • Improve memory 和 reduce your risk of dementia.
  • Boost bone strength 和 reduce your risk of osteoporosis.
  • 避免体重增加.

如果150分钟听起来很多,请记住这一点 即使是很短的活动巴黎人官方网站也可以加起来 在一周内达到这个目标. And it’s easy to fit in a few minutes of walking a several times a day.

走对. 运行

Did you know more Americans walk for fitness than run? 也许你对跑步没那么感兴趣. Or maybe you’ve had an injury 和 can’t run anymore. 那就走吧——每一步都很重要. In fact, walking briskly can help your health as much as running, according to a 2013 research study.


  • 准备好. 你需要开始的是 舒适的衣服 和 支持的鞋子. Keep your cool by layering clothing, because exercise raises your body’s temperature. Shoes designed for walking or running are best, but not required. Just make sure you have a little wiggle room (about half an inch) between your longest toe 和 the end of the shoe. Avoid cotton socks because they retain moisture 和 can lead to blisters. (谁知道?!)

  • 慢慢来. If you’re out of shape, begin with short distances. Start with a stroll that feels comfortable (perhaps 10-15 minutes) 和 gradually increase your time or distance. 如果这对你的身体和你的日程安排更容易的话, stick with a couple of 10- to 20-minute 走了一天 instead of one long walk.

  • 注重形式. 抬起头(不要发短信!),腹肌收缩,肩膀放松. 手臂自然摆动. Avoid carrying heavy items or h和 weights because they can put extra stress on your elbows 和 shoulders – try a backpack instead. 坚持舒适、自然的步幅.

  • 呼吸. If you can’t talk or catch your breath while walking, slow down. 首先,忘掉速度. 出去走走就行了!

  • 加快步伐. To warm up, walk at an easy pace for the first several minutes. 然后逐渐提高速度.

  • 增加多样性和挑战性. 试的巴黎人官方网站间隔. For example, walk one block fast, two blocks slow 和 repeat several times. Over time you’ll be able to add more fast intervals with shorter recovery periods. 走 hills or stairs is a great way to increase muscle tone 和 burn more calories.

  • 拉伸. The end of your walk is a great time to stretch since your body is warmed up. 拉伸 your hamstrings, calves, chest, shoulders 和 back. 每个伸展动作保持15到30秒.

  • 跟踪你的进展. Fit walking into your schedule whenever you can. 这可能意味着三个 几个短 走了一天. When you can fit it in, longer walks will help you improve your stamina. Just remember your overall goal is at least 150 minutes each week.


  • 保持警惕. Listening to music while you walk can help keep you energized. And making phone calls is a good way to multitask. But if you use headphones, keep the volume low 和 watch out for traffic that you may not hear. Don’t text or stare at your device while walking, so you can keep your eyes on the road.

  • 脱颖而出. Wear light colors or reflective clothing 和 carry a flashlight or glow stick (it adds to the fun!)如果你在能见度低的时候行走.

  • 是街头智慧. 在人行道上行走是最好的, 但如果你必须走在街上, stick to streets with lower speed limits 和 make sure drivers can see you.

  • 知道附近. Note which businesses are open when you’ll be walking 和 the location of emergency telephones. Walk on well-traveled streets rather than taking shortcuts through alleys or parking lots.

  • 倾听你的身体. 如果你有脚, 膝盖, 走路时臀部或背部疼痛, STOP 和 check with your doctor to find out the cause. You may need different shoes or another form of activity like cycling or water exercise. 但不要放弃! 找到适合你的活动.


也许你有段巴黎人官方网站没运动了. 没有问题! 只是开始. 不是全有或全无,而是一步一步来. Even if you’re already active, here are some easy ways you can add more steps into your day:

  • 抓住狗链,带狗出去散散步.
  • 忘了摇滚明星停车吧. Park a bit farther from the entrance to your workplace, school, grocery store, restaurants, etc.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator, even if just for one or two floors.
  • Catch up with a friend by walking around the block while you chat on the phone.