Women and Black adults wait longer to be seen in the ER for chest pain


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Younger women and Black adults experiencing chest pain – the most common symptom of a heart attack – wait longer to get care in the emergency room than their respective male and white counterparts, 这可能会使他们面临更大的不良后果风险, 最新研究表明.

这项研究于周三发表在《巴黎人官方网站》上 美国心脏协会杂志, found women 18 to 55 years old also received a less thorough evaluation for a possible heart attack and were less likely to be admitted to the hospital when presenting with similar symptoms as their male peers.

尽管心脏病发作的总人数有所下降, 这一数字在年轻人中也在上升, 主要研究作者. 达西·班科在巴黎人发布会上说.

"Whether or not the differences in chest pain evaluation directly translate into differences in outcomes, they represent a difference in the care individuals receive based on their race or sex, 这对我们来说很重要,Banco说, chief resident for safety and quality in the department of medicine at New York University Grossman School of Medicine.

胸痛是6个以上的原因.500万美元.S. emergency room visits and 4 million outpatient visits each year, according to 胸痛指南 issued in 2021 by the American College of Cardiology, 美国心脏协会 and others. The recommendations aim to help doctors identify those at highest risk for heart attacks and prevent unnecessary testing in those not at risk. Although chest pain is the most common heart attack symptom for both women and men, 女性更有可能出现其他症状, 比如恶心和呼吸急促.

"Minutes count when someone has a heart attack," senior study author Dr. 哈莫尼·雷诺兹在巴黎人发布会上说. She is director of the Sarah Ross Soter Center for Women's Cardiovascular Research and associate professor of medicine at the NYU Grossman School of Medicine. "Calling an ambulance is also helpful because emergency medical technicians can treat chest pain and heart attack right away. People who arrive to the ER by ambulance often receive urgent care and attention sooner compared to people who arrive to the ER on their own."

研究人员分析了,152 medical records from 2014 to 2018 for nearly 30 million emergency room visits for chest pain. Participants were 18 to 55 years old, nearly a third of whom were Black. A small percentage were another race or ethnicity, and the rest were white.

The results showed women and Black adults waited longer than men and white adults, 分别, 让急诊室的工作人员去看. Women waited an average 11 minutes longer than men – 48 minutes versus 37 minutes. 与白人同龄人相比, 其他种族的女性平均等待巴黎人官方网站为58分钟, 或者再多15分钟进行初步评估. 和他们的白人同龄人相比, men of other races or ethnicities waited an average 44 minutes to be evaluated, 或者多10分钟.

The study found no racial differences in how people were evaluated and treated once seen. But women reporting chest pain were less likely than men to be prescribed heart medications or to be admitted to the hospital or kept in the ER for observation. 男性为17人.9%的人被录取,相比之下只有12人.4%的女性.


“等待巴黎人官方网站的差异是否因地点而异?她说. “这些差异是否与医院护理质量的差异有关, 还是这些差异适用于所有急诊室? Lastly, do differences in wait time translate to differences in outcomes?"

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